What are Iris Giclee Fine Art Prints?

IRIS or GICLEE prints are extremely high resolution ink jet prints. The color, razor sharp detail, and archival quality of these prints is the new standard in the art industry.

Museums throughout the world including the Louvre use Giclee prints to substitute works of art too fragile to be exhibited to the public. New York's Metropolitan Museum, the Guggenheim and the National Museum of Mexico all proudly display Giclees as part of their collections.

GICLEE (pronounced "jhee-clay"), a French term meaning "to spray", has become world renowned due to the super fine resolution of 1800 dpi. (Lithographs are printed at 300 dpi.) The IRIS printer uses a continuous stream of microscopic ink droplets to layer the ink onto paper or canvas thus creating an almost perfect replica of the original fine art. Only special inks, tested for archival permanence and lightfastedness, are used.

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